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When you lead a busy lifestyle, it can be hard to give your jewelry the TLC it needs. Even when you’re extra careful, over time, all fine jewelry needs some form of services to keep it maintained and looking like new. That’s where our jewelry repair services can come in handy. Our team of experts is here to help you with many types of jewelry repairs. It doesn't matter if your original purchase was made at somewhere else entirely! Everyone can take advantage of our repair services, no matter where your jewelry was purchased.

Our Design and Repair Center is staffed with expertly trained professionals who can handle most any repair. We only work on real jewelry. Not costume jewelry. From resizing your ring, fixing your gold chain, to resetting your diamonds and other precious gemstones. You can mail your jewelry or bring it into the store. If you are mailing, you must email us first to get a REPAIR NUMBER (R/N)  that must be prominently displayed on the package and get the advise you will need to mail it here the safest way. TAKE THREE PHOTOS ONE FOR YOU TWO FOR US, PLACE TWO PHOTOS INSIDE THE BOX. PLEASE WRITE A NUMBER NEXT TO EACH ITEM AND SIGN THE BACK OF EACH PHOTO. Also send your repair or other request instructions with as much detail as possible for each item with the number you added on the photo prominently displayed. Any questions you can call 1.561.994.3330. Any package received without an R/N on the package will be refused and returned at your risk. The photos you took must be inside the box with details of the instructions of the work you need to be done for each piece. We are fully insured for your jewelry and never take your jewelry without total agreement between us on what you are leaving here and the value. On receipt of your package, we will open and video the opening to ensure that the contents match the photos. This procedure will protect both of us, assure you that we have your jewelry and give you piece of mind. We will call you and discuss the work, cost of the work and time it will take. You will be able to ask any questions at that time. TO AVOID CONFLICT IF YOU ARE SENDING A DIAMOND AND YOU HAVE AN APPRAISAL AND OR A CERTIFICATE, PLEASE SEND A COPY. DO NOT SEND THE ORIGINAL. We will check that everything matches and report to you on the phone and then confirm by email. Please remember to put all your contact info in the email and also fill out the contact information form on the website.  Our phone # 1.561.994.3330

If a ring needs to be resized, you must send that size. Any jewelry shop will  be able to give that to you


  • Resizing your jewelry to make sure it has the perfect fit.
  • Repairing your jewelry with the highest quality, in a timely manner.
  • Chain, bracelet and clasp repair.
  • Adjusting jewelry to ensure that all diamonds and gemstones are secure. Re pronging if necessary
  • Cleaning, polishing and refinishing jewelry crafted of precious metals.
  • Personalizing your new or existing jewelry with our state of the art Computerized Engravers.
  • Creating a Custom Design piece of jewelry that is unique to you.
  • Renovating heirloom items.
  • Insurance replacement We work with most insurance companies and will be able to expedite your replacement
  • Appraisals are our specialty for insurance, probate, personal legal etc. you can go to our Appraisal site for more details
  • Diamond and stone replacement
  • Recutting of broken or chipped diamonds
  • and any other service you might need
  • Please only call during our normal office opening hours Monday Through Friday 10.30 T0 5.00PM

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